Thursday, February 11, 2010


Initially, I will be going back home at 6pm by bus today. At about 5 something, I received a call from A. He told me that if I can change my bus ticket with B because B has family emergency and he needs to get home as soon as possible. It means that I will be going back tommorow 6pm instead of today 6 pm if I agree to exchange with him. I asked him that how about himself (A) and C as both of them are closer to B compared to me. He said that they got something on tomorrow in Penang. At first, I plan to say that I got something important on too. But, I just seem could not make a lie. Actually I am going to cut my hair and do some CNY shopping the day I reach Penang but don't think this is important enough to reject helping people. I replied that I will consider and get back to you soon.

At the moment, I saw the real me. Why I ever think of planning to make a lie? Why I ever doubt on helping people ? I did think of I am gonna miss one day fun if I help him. All the while, I feel that I am always helpful to my friends and I did say this to myself - 朋友有事我一定帮。Today, it seems that I am going to break the promise. Besides, I was thinking that how about the other one who is very close to him too that he did not mention in the call just now. I thought they should be those standing in the front line whenever he needs help. A phrase from my friend suddenly came to my mind -爱在嘴里心里都可以很伟大,到了手里就微不足道 which I truly agree with. When you are not in the situation, you feel that you are helpful and willing to sacrifice for your friends. When you are in the real situatuon, taking the first step out is difficult.

A few days ago, I also realise something which I knew it but sometimes I do not practice it. A close friend of mine was depressed for the past few weeks as his grandmother passed away. He received alot of concerns and support from friends. The most impressing one is there is one of his friend who actually helped him to attend the tutorial and help him with all the school activities when he was away. He was touched by what his friend has done for him. This is actually what friends should be doing to one another. He told me that saying something out is easy, but taking the action is not that easy. Words is needed too but action should come first. Some of them say it out just for the sake of it. 实际行动还是最重要。

His words enlightened me. If I ever reject, I do not think I can forgive myself. I called my friend and told him that I can exchange the bus ticket with him. Thank you, he replied me and I can tell that he really appreciate my help. Honestly, I tried very hard to take the first step as the home sweet home mood is there, I have packed, I have had my dinner, and it is just few mins away from stepping up the bus stairs. Before they went off, I saw the friend who I mentioned just now was quite guilty. It is because he feels that actually he can help but he did not. I think he also realises that it would not be the same when it comes to the real situation and human selfishness is everywhere. But I am not gonna blame him for not helping him as people always put themselves in the first priority. That's human nature. Hopefully this incident has given us some lessons.

Another thing comes to my mind is my parents. I think they would be dissapointed if I tell her that I am not gonna reach tomorrow morning but the day after tomorrow. I can tell that she is not dissapointed from her tone. She said never mind and you should help your friends.

I am proud that I did it.


  1. you did the right thing! give yrself a pat on the back for the good deed!
    HAPPY CNY!!!! hope you're having the best of times!

  2. I'm proud of you. :) Jia you for this sem okay? Do your best, take some breathers here and there too ya, don't let the whole uni system come crashing on you! You surpass the uni system!!! Hee hee

  3. give urself a credit man. it's true human are selfish. but one thing that we should count on, some people just put you far away but tangled up on you only when they need your help. observe.

  4. 我也以你为荣,一年多以后!XD 好孩子neh~