Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying Kite

From a random stranger to a friend.

Two of them came to an amazing place accidentally and unexpectedly after voluntary work. Both of them never know there is such a place and don't even know how to get there. Once they stepped in the place, they were stunned by all the kites flying in the sky.

Both of them could not wait to go to the flying kite site. They ran. As they were running, a kite was flying towards them and it fell just few steps from them. The guy took the initiative to go and take the kite. As nobody claimed for the kite, the kite became theirs.

As he promised her to teach her to fly kite before, the lesson began. He flew up the kite and taught her at the same time. Flying kite doesn't seem to be hard for him because he was born in 'kampung' and this is one of the few entertainments they usually had. All of a sudden, she said, ' 爱情就像放风筝,要懂得收,也要懂得放'. He replied, ' 我也这样觉得,当它飞得不平稳时,就要放一放绳子,当它飞得平稳了,就可以拉一拉,让它向上的飞。Hopefully this love theory works for couples.

The place was so windy. Looking at the sky, they saw kites flying around. Looking around, they saw beautiful scenery with sea and nice buildings around. When the sky turned dark, it was even wonderful as a combination of stars, moon and even kites which were glowing or lighting appearing on the sky. Although they were starving, they still refrain themselves from going for dinner. The sky was so great with the kites around. There was also a wide variety of kites such as fish, snake, devil birds and cartoon as if it is another world for animals. Finally, they had their dinner at a cafe and the atmosphere was great. To add on, part of this place is surrounded by the sea and there is a bridge which extends to the sea. Everything turned out to be perfect or near perfection as if they have planned for the night. But they never.

The girl kept saying, 'I have already fallen in love with this place, I love this place so much, How How How'. He replied, ' Ya, this is an awesome place especially for couples and partly because I am here.'(with a little bit of joke) Before the night ended, he told her, ' 我今天过得越开心,我就越舍不得你.' She replied, ' 人与人都会有分分离离的.' It's because the girl is leaving soon and they will be thousand-mile apart. It's all depends on yuan fen then. He feels that good things are obviously happening on him but sometimes there are bad sides. The merrier the night he spent with her, the more he suffered. But he has no choice and just to accept this.

Initially, he could not believe this happy moments actually happened on himself as all the while he thought this only happens in love drama or dreams as people always say 你以为做戏吗. Since then, he changes his perception. Everything including those incidents in drama or dreams is possible to happen and sometimes it would even happen out of your expectation. Hence, be ready for that. He feels lucky too whenever he thinks of the night they spent together, that they got to the such a good place so unexpectedly. While lying on the grass, they were amazed by the sky. The feeling would not be that great if he doesn't have her company.

He starts to believe in miracles too and he is ready to face all the uncertanties in the future especially when stepping into working life. At the same time, he starts to learn to appreciate and cherish what he owns especially the friendship between them. Sad to say, the kite which saves the memory is still with him, but the girl is away.

The night ended.

The story continues or ends, it is still a question mark for him. Last word from him- Do miss me.

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