Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You and Sorry to Hun Seang

This post is dedicated to Hun Seang ( 汉生) who is my heng dai. We have known each other for 5 years since Form 4. I'm here to say thank you and sorry truly to him.

I have so many reasons to say thank you to him. First, he allowed me to stay at his room for two weeks ( more than that I think ) for my so called KL trip. And he was having class during this two week time. I want to stress again, 2 weeks not 2 days. He is so kind until he does not want any money from me, any treats from me. He just said, " you don't need to give me anything, you just help me donate RM5 to the 饥饿 30. He would not kira with his friends.

Thanks for
-driving me around KL especially fetching me from Puduraya bus station.
-fetching me to have my supper, dinner or even lunch together although sometimes
you lazy to.
-spending your precious time with me.
-celebrating my 21st birthday with me although you are kinda busy. ( Thanks Zwei too )
-buying present for me although you kept on saying nonit present lar. ( Thanks Zwei, Hseang, KaiYan, Liam, Ivan, Adrian, Chenz, Howe, Hsien, Sumin, and Hern )

He went to climb Bukit Tabur on Sunday. Sunday is the day I'm leaving for Sg from KL. He left his house at 4.00am and my bus departed at 9.30am. So he was unable to fetch me. Luckily, my cousin was free to drop me there. Thanks to her. Before he left from his house and say goodbye to me, he has already reminded me to left the key beside the gate which the area is hardly seen by people so that when the time he back he can pick up the keys and access to his house and his room as he only has one set of keys. At 12 something, when I was on my way to Sg, I received a call from him, I still thought he was asking me where I'm already. Until that moment I was still not aware that the keys is with me. How fucked up I'm. Then he asked me, " Where you put the keys ? How come I could not find one ? " I checked my pocket and I said," Ooh, It's inside my pocket". He said nothing to me, just a word 'leleh'. I could feel his tiredness in the call and I feel so so bad because what he needs after hiking is his bed to let him have a good rest. I was thinking why don't he scold me or say something to me. At least I will feel better.

Luckily, I find a solution. I passed the keys to the service crew who served me in the bus. She said the bus will be back to KL at 7. So, it will reach at around 11. So, I immediately texted Hun Seang, telling him to meet the lady at the Sunway bus stop as the bus will stop there and gave him the lady's number. Therefore, I called Hun Seang at around 11 to ask if he has got the key from her. Sadly, he said," She was back already when the time I want to go there. She asked me to get from her tommorrow morning. I felt guilty once again. Then, I asked him where is he for the whole afternoon as I could not contact him. He said," I slept at my friend's place and my hp was out of battery. I apologized to him once again. And he smile and said never mind to me. How cincai he is !!!

The most I could not forgive myself is I have already troubled him for two weeks and it is time to come to an end. But, I'm still troubling him after I left. I'm so forgetful, selfish, irresponsible and .. What I only care is not to leave any of my things in his room. I never remind myself to do what he asked me to. SELFISHNESS. So, I made this mistake. Honestly, I really appreciate having a friend like you, being so kind, helpful, considerable and caring to me. You listen carefully to every problem I'm facing, you care for me truly, you answer every single of my stupid questions. I'm writing this not to make myself feeling better. I want you to read my mind.

I promise all my dear friends here that I will treat you all even better. For the Give and Take theory, I have definitely taken too much from you all. It's time for me to give and to take less. Hseang, do find me when you're in trouble. I will be always there to help you and I owe you one. Your sacrifice for friends is worthwhile. I learnt alot from you and I will practice it. Never regret and my pride of knowing you. The last word I want to say is 'Once you're my heng dai, you're always my heng dai'.