Saturday, March 14, 2009

Unlucky week

Suddenly feel like blogging after I have read my friends' blog. Then, I suddenly realise the importance of blogging and feel like to keep updating my blog as I have already dumped my blog for few months after the first blog. By this time (3.20am), I should be on the bed sleeping already. It is because I have been staying late for few days. However, I'm now enjoying listening to emo songs, looking at friends' blog while writing this post.

I have been quite unlucky recently. First one is I was stung by a bee. Aikzz... I should have taken a picture of my finger to let u all see the seriousness. XD My finger was swollen until I could not even stretch my finger. However, it is now recovered. Just abit itchy. The miracle is I did not seek for help from doctor because there is a 4th year medical student giving me advice on this. He said it is just an inflammation. Luckily I'm not allergic to the poison and my body can fight against it. It's time to tell the process of being bitten by a bee. When I was sleeping, I moved my hand. Then, I suddenly felt that I got electrical shock and it is quite long (it's like a mild one ). So, I woke up to look for any wire nearby. I could not see any wire until I found a bee on the floor. That was BEE!!! The painful feeling is really unforgettable as the bee sting my hands for a few consecutive shots until I thought it was a electrical shot. However, I did not feel very painful as I'm the MAN ma. LOL. It sounds very kua chang but I m not exagerrating here. Just that I was so sui that time. GERAM!

Another 'shuoi' thing is about my laptop. As my ppstream cannot function well, so I plan to reformat my laptop. I have already unistalled and reinstalled. It still can't work. So my friends suggested me to reformat. Ppstream is a excellent streaming programme for u to stream dramas and movies. You all can download it also because it contains variety of different categories of tv shows and you surely enjoy using it. When I was on my way reformatting, it required my first recovery disc. That's not a problem for me and I just insert it. Then it required my second disc. I got that too and put into the cdrom. Once it asked me to insert the third disc, I started to pek chek already as I do not have the third receovery disc. How am I gonna to reformat it. Hence, I was stuck on the mid way. So, I cant restart my laptop. My laptop is gone. GG. I started feeling nervous. I started questioning myself, how am i gonna to survive without laptop. Sommore, it is so troublesome that I need to spend my time to get for technical help. Sien. On the next day, I went to Sony Service Centre in Orchard Road which is far away from my school. Then, the receptionist said it is not a big deal and you come and take after 2 hours. So, I spent my 45mins time travelling back to school. Then, I received a call and it was calling from sony. The people said I could not get back my laptop by today. I have to wait for one week as there is some software problem they need to send it to the factory. I was damn dissapointed that I have to endure one more week life without laptop. I urged them to settle for me asap. Only then I know that it is hard to withstand life without laptop in Uni. It is so boring as I have already get used to stuyding in front of my laptop with my msn on and radio on. Luckily, they called me on wed that my laptop is fixed and I can get it.

I think all the shuoi things are over and good things are then to come. Hehe. I believe it. Wow, it is very late now and i think i have to go to bed. Nitez!