Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank You to Chen Yi and Jorine

Been dumping my blog for five months. Here comes my new post. This post is written to specially show my appreciation for Chenyi and Jorine. In addition, I am gonna talk about 缘分, significance of blogging and time too.

For the past few days, I have been spending my time with Chenyi, Jorine and their friends. They are really friendly and nice. We had a great great time touring around Singapore. I shall start with how I made friend with Chenyi first. I met her once in Gurney when we were in Form 4. Yea, I still can remember. That was through Yih Jia. Since then, we never talk to each other face to face until the singapore trip that she had for the past few days. And now I can be so friend with her most probably because of 缘分. If it is not because of hun hao's birthday video, everything would not be the same. There was one time when she asked around hun hao's friends for making his birthday video, and I talked to her in msn regarding the video. I actually have her msn contact for very long time ago just that we never chat to each other before. Besides, there is her blog link in my friend's blog. Sometimes I did read her blog but only once in a blue moon as I don't really know her. Due to her sacrifice and effort for friends (hun hao's birthday video), I started to 欣赏 her and feel like making friends with her. Everyone wants to have good friends around right ?!Since then, I started chatting with her, reading her blog more frequent. Sooner or later, I fall for her blog. Yeah, she accepted me as her blog fan. LOL. The way she expresses herself, the writing style, writing about people's thought including herself impresses me so much that I can't refrain myself from reading them. Besides, my vocab gets improved too. Thank you yea. I am here to promote her blog. Her blog is highly recommended and you get to learn a lot from her blog.

As time goes on, I asked myself when we gonna meet up. There was one day when we were chatting in msn, she suddenly told me that she will be coming to Singapore before heading back to Penang. It is damn lucky for me that her trip started from 6th to 14th Jan which is the time I just back to Sg from Pg. If her trip were earlier (late december), I can't meet her up because I was still in Penang. If her trip were later, my school would have started. 我觉得这是缘分或注定我们要想见吧! So, I decided to go Singapore earlier so that I can meet them up earlier? or more days to join them? Lol. As I m quite an outgoing person who doesnt like to stay alone. I asked her about the itinerary and her housemate put me on sunday which is written as 'meet up with leo guy' in the itenarary. I thought that it was just that one day or half day and she has the same thought too. But in the end, I almost joined them for half of their Singapore trip.

Really unbelievable that we eventually went to Zouk, Theme park, Zoo and Night Safari together. Before that, I was worried that we have nothing in common to talk about as this is the first time we meet each other. Lol. When we met each other, it seems like we have known each other for years ( Does she has the same feeling because I'm using 'we' ? Please answer me this. ) There was once when we were heading to zouk, I told them I can't believe that I would be going there with you all, and even sitting the same cab to the destination, and even even waiting them to dress up and make up at Jorine's house. I truly agree that life is unexpected and unpredictable. My saying is - when you expect it, it somehow turns out to be unexpectedly bad. But when you don't expect it, it might turns out to be unexpectedly good.-

And also Jorine ( her housemate ) who I wanna talk about. There is one word to describe her which is funny, funny and funny. Sometimes I just can't stop laughing about the things she has done, what she talked. I am pretty sure that everyone will feel happy when she is around. She is very cute and 单纯 too. She is so easily cheated by people. I must remind you this if u are reading my blog, be alert all the time and don't trust people so easily. More importantly, thanks for your time, your company, your friendliness, your massage, your family especially the seafood meal. Really appreciate it and hope there is a chance for me to treat you for a dinner. Lol. If you wanna see me lar. =)

The significance of blogging. I realise the importance of blogging during the Singapore trip. If I never read her blog before, I don't think that I can be so 'click' with her because reading people's blog = reading people's minds so we get to know him/her better. That also leads to more conversation as you know what's going on with the people. Hence, the gap gets closer and closer. I said so much, am I telling myself to blog more to let my friends understand me better? Hopefully I will blog more often lar. But sometimes I am just lazy to write. I like to talk but lazy to write, that's me -LIM WEI JIE.

Speaking of time, I just realise that time is very cruel - 时间是很残酷的. The five days which I spent with them, it is like 5 hours or even less. And also my 5 week holidays back in Penang, it ended so so fast that I still can recall the first day I reached my hostel and I saw the janitor. It seems like I have not been seeing her for few days only, I still have very strong memory on her. I just cant help it. Sometimes I keep asking myself why time flies, why why why !!! Time always flies when you are enjoying it while it slows down terribly when you are having miserable moment ( eg. study week or exam week ). I asked myself what can I do! I think what I can do is just accept it, cherish every single fun/happy moment that I had and also not to hate those miserable times I used to have before but to learn new lessons from them.

Lastly, to say it again, really appreciate having friends like you all. I enjoyed so much the time spent with you all. Hope you all feel the same way too. Thanks for everything.