Monday, June 8, 2009

I Lost My Nike Shoe !!!

Nice right ?!

Three months ago, my nike shoe which was bought in Hong Kong for only RM150 was stolen by someone. I always put my shoes in cabinet but that day I was just unfortunate and leave it outside my door for two days until the next day stolen by people. I dare to do so as I believe that our security is very good. Therefore, I blame myself so much for leaving it outside my door. I was damn damn damn sad as I love it so much and being my partner for more than 3 months. The shape, combination of colour, and it can perfectly matched with different shirts make me love it a lot. Whenever I go out with my slipper, I would think of my shoes. Miss it so much.
Above is my display of my nike shoes. Hopefully it is sold in Malaysia or Singapore. Then I can get it back. If anyone happens to find it in any shops, please buy for me and I will pay u back.
Before I forget, my size is 8. 8 is always my lucky number.