Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kent Ridge Hall >>> Prince George Park Residence

KR-C = Kent Ridge C Block ( Block that I've been staying )

Well- built

The rooftop ( kinda blur )

My Laptop

Very messy huh?!

It's single room

Like shalley ???

Nice view here!!! (not really also la )

Dunlopillo Super Single Bed ( no joke here XD )

Kent Ridge Hall is the hall that I have been staying throughout my first year in NUS from July 2008 to May 2009. There are six different halls in NUS campus. They are Kent Ridge, Sheares, Temasek, Eusoff, Raffles and King Edward VII. They are all hostels for NUS students and consists mainly of Singaporeans, Malaysians and a fewer number of China and Indonesians. There are alot of activities in hall for us to join and there are few categories such as committees, cultures and sports. In addition, the facilities in my hall is super great. We need to use card to access to our room. I was like staying in shalley all the while. Pictures shown above will reveal everything. =)

Due to some reasons, I will not be staying in this luxurious hall for the following year. I will be staying in PGP ( Prince George Park's Residence ) which is also in NUS campus for year 2. The difference between hall and residence is there are no activities in residence. So, it would be damn boring. =(

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